Soap Creek Energy

Integrated solutions for a clean energy future

Coal-based power with renewable power


Integrated Solutions

Reaching a lofty goal of a clean energy future with sufficient dispatchable electricity to power the nation will require the use of an “all of the above” strategy that incorporates a mixture of electrical generating sources including renewable, fossil-fuel, and nuclear power plants.  However, the solutions must evolve from independent operating systems to an integrated system in which the  the different generating equipment is engineered to  work together creating increased efficiencies and synergy.

Soap Creek Energy provides proprietary technology to integrate renewable energy sources with existing and new coal-fired power plants.  The novel approaches incorporate the use of technologies that have been proven at full-scale following investments of tens of $millions and a dozen years in R&D to demonstrate their effectiveness.  The integrated systems provides a complete solution to effectively take advantage of intermittent renewable energy sources, while decreasing carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, resulting in cleaner dispatchable electricity.  This approach represents an Integrated Solution to a Clean Energy Future.

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