Soap Creek Energy

Integrated solutions for a clean energy future

Coal-based power with renewable power

Meeting environmental goals while providing low-cost dispatchable electricity

Renewable energy generation technologies such as solar and wind power are becoming an increasingly larger part of our electricity supply.  However, the variability and intermittency create challenges for power companies to keep a constant supply of  electricity that can be dispatched to meet the demand of families, industries, and cities.  This challenge is creating a market demand for new energy storage technologies that are efficient, minimize losses, and that can be scaled to provide long-term storage and supply of grid-scale, megawatt (MW) levels of electricity.   Soap Creek Energy has answered the bell for that challenge.

Keeping the Lights On

Many have assumed that a complete switch to renewable electricity is the only means of achieving a low-carbon future. However, in a study conducted by the Clean Air Task Force (CATF) entitled “Solving Climate: The Need for Zero Carbon On-Demand Power”,  CATF  they studied historical weather patterns including the availability of wind and sunlight in the United States and concluded that it would be impractical and cost prohibitive to support an electrical grid solely on generation by renewable sources.

Zero carbon baseload and dispatchable capacity (e.g. nuclear, decarbonized fossil) will likely be essential to deep carbon reductions.Armond Cohen, Executive Director, Clean Air Task Force

Soap Creek Energy (SCE) is the newest business of Dr. Michael Durham, a highly acclaimed innovator and inventor of multiple environmental technologies, serial entrepreneur (six companies), and expert in National Energy Policy. SCE is supplying the energy industry with commercial, grid-scale proven technologies as solutions to the challenge of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide while maintaining a sufficient supply of continuously available, low-cost electricity to meet the demands or our growing national economy.  SCE believes that this can only be accomplished by using all of the energy technologies available including clean renewable energy, energy storage, and base-load power supply.  This “all of the above” energy strategy is the only way of achieving long-term environmental goals while keeping the economy strong by maintaining the reliability of the electrical grid and keeping the lights on.

Soap Creek Ranch

Soap Creek Ranch, Dr. Durham’s home outside of Gunnison, Colorado, is the inspiration for Soap Creek Energy as it puts into practice the integration of multiple  clean-energy technologies  working effectively together to balance environmental and energy goals. The ranch is located adjacent to the Blue Mesa Reservoir which serves a dual purpose of providing recreation and water storage to feed a 60 MW hydroelectric facility that converts Colorado’s snow melt into renewable, dispatchable electricity.

The ranch has been put into a conservation easement with Colorado Open Lands to eliminate future development of the pristine property and thus keep it available for the enjoyment of visitors to the Curecanti National Recreation Area.  Soap Creek Ranch operates completely off the grid by incorporating multiple energy sources, including:

  • Solar photovotaic panels
  • Windmill
  • Pumped water storage
  • Biomass combustor
  • Battery energy storage
  • Fossil-fired backup generator
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